News: Radiant Silvergun English Intro

rsvoice.jpgThose crazy funsters.

For the last couple of months, Radiant Silvergun, Treasure shooter and Ebay item extraordinaire, was the target of a fan effort to fully localize the game, video and audio. Though not quite completed, we can see the first fruits of their labor: the video opening coupled with an original VO and effects soundtrack. Thanks to Deuce for the heads up.

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News: Gunstar Heroes ~Treasure Box~ dated

aliensoldier_01.jpg We pointed it out back in July – Sega was preparing a PS2 compilation of Treasure’s most acclaimed games for the Mega Drive system: Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy and Alien Soldier. It’s all coming under the name of ‘Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 25: Gunstar Heroes ~Treasure Box~’ and both Sega and Treasure are announcing it for February 23rd. Straight ports without enhanced versions this time, but you can expect the usual galleries and extras.

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News: Espgaluda II website updates

Esp2_11.jpg The game is now being distributed in Japanese arcade centers – and Cave coincidentally (well, not really), added actual content to the System section of its official site. The game seems to repeat Espgaluda’s mechanics, but now you are able interchange the buttons for the guard barrier and auto features each other after selecting your character. Lots of tiny screenshots there, but check it out.

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News: Dealership video

newave.gifNewave, of the ic forums, has made a nice 8 bit-style video of Dealership’s song Forest. Dealership, as you may recall, features Jane of GGA (and now I like the video more than the song, as Dealership is better (and thicker) live, but that’s me. Still, the video is worth watching if only for its cuteness. Check more of Newave’s stuff here, or don’t!

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Download: Kakuto Choujin combos

Kakuto Choujin is an odd 3D Xbox fighting game from the creators of the Tobal series. It was pulled from the shelves because it contained pieces of the Koran in its background music, and thus was viewed as sacriligious. Nobody seemed to mind, because nobody really seemed to like it. Until now! Prolific combo master MrWhitefolks has done up a spiffy combo video, found on his videos page, which shows that there may be something deep to the game after all. I’ll remain outside of the fanbase, but 3D fighting frightens me in general. Check out a liste of moves seen in the video, via an MMC post.

While you’re at it, check out his Ranma 1/2 and Sailor Moon Super S combo vids. Shame some of the older stuff has been taken down, as his Groove on Fight combo video would be mighty appropriate now, what with the pending release of Matrimelee.

Updated: MrWhitefolks has put up some updated FAQs for Kakuto Choujin and Sailor Moon Super S, so give it a look.

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News: Digital Leisure announces 15 “360 games”

maddog.jpgDigital Leisure, which owns the rights to a host of classic laserdisc-based arcade games (the likes of Dragon’s Lair and Thayer’s Quest – and even some atrocious live action FMV games like Mad Dog McCree), has announced that the company will be releasing the games for the Xbox 360. Truth be told though, these are simply DVD titles that are compatible with the 360 hardware by virtue of the 360 controller’s doubling as a DVD remote. The (unlicensed!) games are not exactly affortable, at $30 a pop, and might be better presented in compiled form, perhaps with official license from Microsoft.

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News: Cool Herders DC

The GOAT Store, the independent Dreamcast homebrew publisher (of Feet of Fury fame), has announced the pending release of Cool Herders, which has been available as a free one-level demo since the beginning of the Dreamcast homebrew movement. The game was originally distributed via the DC Tonic disc at E3 2001, but has since been revamped and turned into a proper full game with various levels options, and a story mode. The game retails for $19.90, and will come on professionally pressed and packaged discs.

In related enthusiast DC news, preorders are open for DreamOn, a glossy Dreamcast Zine based around the homebrew scene that will come with a demo disc, provided there is enough interest. Thanks to Sweater Fish for the links.

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News: Mamecab Mini

sexypa.jpg From Tam comes a nice piece of handwork, the tiny homemade one-player mamecab, which you’ll see on the left (“mamecab” as in “an arcade cabinet housing a PC exclusively dedicated to the famous Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator“). The little monster weighs 16 kilograms, and although some of its specs and design elements might change in the near future, it gives a good idea of what talent and time can make out of random PC parts and a square meter of wood. Notice the neon-powered marquee, glass-protected 17” LCD screen, Pac Man-themed overlay and real arcade buttons. The whole thing cost around 350€ and two months to make, although it appears the money and time spent would be seriously reduced on a second mamecab with the experience gathered in making the first one. There is an on-topic discussion in french on the mighty Boulette, in case you’re interested in reading more on the project.

<Brandon’s note: while it’s certainly the smallest and cutest, it’s not the first, either. here’s an early one, and DreamArcades even offers a home kit to make your own.>

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