Retrospective: A year in mahjong on the Nintendo DS

| chazumaru

Because I know you want to read even more about this highly entertaining subject. Gundam Mahjong DS is already the seventh mahjong game on the Nintendo DS in a bit more than a year of existence. Koei’s Mahjong Taikai was a (boring) launch title. Then came out Intelligent Systems’ Yakuman DS, probably the best of them all and featuring Mario as exactly 65,535 other Nintendo games did in 2005. MTO released Minna no Mahjong DS on my birthday – it was approved by the japanese association for healthy mahjong, which might be a big deal if you don’t want to get lung cancer by playing too much mahjong on your handheld. In late june, D3 Publisher invaded the Nintendo DS with its dreaded/cult/cheap Simple Series, and their first release was of course SimpleDS Series Vol.1 The Mahjong. It was developed by shooting game veterans Warashi and actually a very good surprise. The story mode is great and there’s a pictochat-like interface imbedded. <Brandon’s note: Warashi also developed the arcade Mahjong series Usagi, and this is probably where they got their expertise> Two titles then came out in november. Tasuke released Table Game Spirits, a low-priced game compilation including mahjong, which got completely killed by Daredemo Asobi Taizen (which itself did not include mahjong in its daring list of 42 games). Finally, Affect developed Nihon Pro Mahjong Kishikai Kanshuu: Pro ni naru Mahjong DS for Success, also the first game maker to announce a mahjong game for the Xbox360. So sleep well and do not worry about the tough challenges and growing political issues awaiting in 2006, for the legacy of mahjong games lives on.


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