News: Falcom newsletter #84

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The webgame Ys Strategy - The BeginningFalcom wishes a happy new year to its mail information suscribers and has brought us the last newsletter of 2005 a bit earlier than expected.

Shin Ys I -3D- Gaiden: Ancient Ys Vanished The Truth ~Adventure of Dogi~ (you’ll need to scroll down a bit for the images) is a new Ys game avaiable on Taito/Falcom’s iMode service for 210 yen. It uses the 3D engine of Shin Ys I -3D-. Unless I am forgetting something and Falcom themselves are wrong, this is the first time Dogi has been the main protagonist of an Ys game.

Falcom is apparently getting used to throwing Adol out of the spotlight, as the upcoming Ys Strategy on Nintendo DS also won’t have the red headed hero as a main protagonist (although they replaced him with a complete clone). Speaking of which, the website for Ys Strategy has a bunch of new things to check out since the last time we mentioned it, including the web game Ys Strategy – The Beginning that offers an online playable initiation to the final game and requires registration. First enter a valid mail address twice, then click on the upper link on this page to enter your address and the password that was sent to you. The next screens will prompt you to enter your name then select a kingdom, an avatar and a class (warrior / merchant / knight / ranger). You then begin in the capital of your kingdom, and can explore other towns to help your lord conquer its neighbors. Don’t forget to equip yourself at the merchant before leaving town.

On the site’s FAQ, developers explain that, although the main characters in the game are brand new, fans might encounter some familiar faces as cameos. The game was conceived for people who are not familiar with the series, yet a bunch of elements such as old legends and rare items will clearly take inspiration from the main series’ canon. The RTS aspect will also make full use of the handheld’s internal clock. There is also a world map to check out and a wallpaper has been added last week. Marvelous is doing the game, which is not a good omen when you remember they were also responsible for the faulty Lunar Genesis, already a risky reinterpretation of an old classic.

Meanwhile, Sora no Kiseki SC’s page has updated the world section, and the much awaited demo movie for the game will soon be available. Finally, do not forget to download the january and february calendars, if you are into that kind of thing, as well as the new Ys and Sora no Kiseki wallpapers celebrating the new year.


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