News: Hirameki’s Akiba blog

| brandon

Hirameki is really cleaning themselves up since the last time we checked in on them. Not only do they now have a proper store in City of Industry, CA, they now have a very nice Akihabara-centered blog. It includes such wackiness as ‘Gaijinzira,’ a conflation of the word for ‘foreigner’ and ‘godzilla.’ The first edition of this column details Tokyo’s Ueno Park, and almost echoes new game journalism in its themes: “Oh sure, it all began innocently enough, when one of the cool kids in high school invited me over to watch Sailor Moon; I hesitated, but said yes, and bam! Next thing I know, I’m waking up slumped over a stack of doujinshi in some cheap Tokyo apartment.” Another gem is this introduction to a Japanese fan comic rental store in one of the Messe Sanoh buildings, where fans can peddle their wares. While most of the game-centric content is understandably Hirameki-related in large part, it’s still quite an interesting, relatively obscure blog. Check out the cosplay as advertising article – it’s quite a good one, and completely unabashed in its otakuness. This site is still relatively low on everyone’s radar, given the number of reads per article. I’m going to guess that ends today.


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