News: Quick doujin round-up (updated)

| chazumaru

Gunners HeartEGS now has a trial version of Gunners Heart available on the game’s website. It’s quite fun and filled with engrish.

In the mean time, Roni released a game he worked on, Ultranium Reloadead. It mixes breakout and shooters, but here’s a better place to learn more about the game and get direct download links. The full game will work on Mac computers as well.

[12/29 update] I forgot to mention that just as they did with Ayu Ayu Panic Advance, Chinchilla SoftHouse released successive “complete” versions of Chitei Senki Advance after a first “beta testing” release. The latest one is has been out since yesterday. The BGM is now fully integrated and optimized for the GBA.


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