News: PS2 Ys V – first screens

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ysv_01.jpgIt’s the last game to come from the Falcom/Taito agreement, which included the PS2 port of Zwei!! and the remakes of Ys III, Ys IV and Ys V for this platform (and not counting the ports for mobile phones, that is, for which Ys IV is in development right now, as Chaz noticed). Like the previous episodes, the Ys V remake (originally a SFC game, and one of the very few Falcom has developed for consoles) will not only modify its name (which is now ‘Ys V ~Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand~’), it will get some story changes, and more importantly, brand new graphics and gameplay. Judging by the small screenshots on Rakuten (the very first ones which have appeared), we can say it will use the Ys IV remake engine, which isn’t good news, since both the sprites and 3D backgrounds (trying to mimic Ys VI’s original presentation) were considered an aberration by everybody. Taito promises, according to Rakuten, compatibilty with the previous PS2 episodes in the form of equipment data and dungeon configuration (seems you’ll gain access to play the Ys V Expert versions). Out on March 30th. You can check G-Para’s announcement here. Also, the latest Falcom newsletter points to a secret download space where you can get an over seven minute long sample of the Sora no Kiseki drama CD. The normal link is much shorter!


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