News: Trigger Heart Exelica – A brand new NAOMI shooting game

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exelica_01.jpg You may have heard about Warashi. Formed in the 90s (some say it’s composed of ex-Seibu staff), this company has basically developed two types of video-games: mah-jong and classic shooting games, of which Shienryu (arcade, Saturn, PS1/2) is its best known piece. We thought we would never see again a new shooting game from it due to the current status of the arcade industry, but we were wrong. Unexpectedly, a preliminary page on Warashi’s site has emerged today announcing a location test next Sunday and Monday for a brand new shooting game named ‘Trigger Heart Exelica’. It reveals some facts: it will be a vertical-scrolling, single-player game which will use vertically-oriented monitors; it will use a three-button plus control stick set-up; it will have real-time 3D graphics (quite sadly – Warashi’s Sengeki Striker and Shienryu proved that it knows how to draw good sprites); and it will feature a ‘Variable Stage-Boss Attack System’ (that is, auto-adjusting-difficulty bosses, which will vary their patterns depending on the player’s skill). Now, the speculation – I believe it will be a NAOMI GD-ROM game. Think about it – the only real alternative would be Type-X, but there’s not a mention or visible logo of either, this platform or Taito, when there has always been for every Type-X game announced with a preliminary site. And then there’re also the game centers for the test – Sega’s Club Sega in Shinjuku West and Akihabara. We may be wrong, since Warashi’s latest games have used Type-X, but it would be nice if we weren’t, and we rarely are, are we?

Update: The test has just finished and Exelica’s preliminary site (which has its nicely illustrated front page here, by the way) mentions ‘NAOMI’ as the hardware to support this game now. So the prize is for us once again.


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