News: Cave’s future

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ibaradigitalcomic_02.jpgIt was thanks to one of those investor relations documents which Cave publishes in PDF format that we got to first hear about the development of Cave’s latest arcade games (the sequels to Espgaluda and Ibara) and now the story repeats regarding the development of the forthcoming arcade titles from this company over the next few months. Unfortunately, we have bad news this time. Cave’s next arcade games after Pink Sweets will take the form of a mah-jong-based medal game and a card game for children. There’s no mention of a new shooting game (or a non-dedicated arcade game, for that matter) in the whole document aside from Pink Sweets’ location test report. Not a good sign. It also lets us know that Cave has formed a co-participated company with Tamiya to publish online games based on Mini Yon Ku, and more interestingly, that a ‘kouryaku DVD’ for Ibara and another one for Espgaluda II are being made. Ibara is also going to receive a ‘digital comic’ of which you can see a small preview in the document.


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