News: More Nuon homebrew from DragonShadow

The game was announced back in august, but it’s finally been released! DragonShadow Industries (not to be confused with DSI Games) has released a Nuon port of two games originally for Sony’s PlayStation-based development kit the Net Yaroze. The games are Katapila (original platformer) and Invs (french Space Invaders clone), if you’ve forgotten. All you need to do is burn it to a disc and put it in your Nuon! Assuming you have one. It seems as though DragonShadow’s Scott Cartier will use his Decaying Orbit libraries (which he used to port these games, as previously mentioned) to bring over a larger compilation of Net Yaroze games at some point, though it doesn’t appear as though the process is simply plug and play. He’s got a contest up for Invs, which I’ll let him describe in his own words: “Think you can create better sound effects? Philippe (Invs creator) has given the go-ahead to do a total replacement of the in-game sounds. The winner will receive a signed NUON Games & Demos disc and have their sounds immortalized in a future version of the Yaroze Classics collection.

In other Nuon-related news, head over to Nuon Dome to check out a newly retitled (in a previous contest!) homebrew by the name of Sheshells Sea Adventures, an undersea shooting game.

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News: Raiden III on PC

We've had a lot of shooting news, lately. RIP Click-StickYou might have missed Raiden III‘s Type-X-powered arcade version, or when it came out on PlayStation 2 last september (published by Taito). Cyberfront is willing to give you another chance by releasing a PC version in Japan on march 17. Unlike recent ports of PlayStation 2 games to the PC such as the shameful Onimusha 3, one can expect Raiden 3 to be less of a disappointment. It should in fact be quite faithful to the arcade version, since the Type-X’s architecture is not much more than a stripped-down PC itself. In case you question the quality of Raiden 3, the game does have some fans.

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News: Nintendo announces the new Nintendo DS OMG; “bleach” is released

it really looks like an iPod. Nintendo has shocked the world once again, by announcing that they will release a smaller version of their one-year-old handheld gaming machine with a precious few of the features people wanted from the start tacked on. They call this new one the “Nintendo DS lite.” Nintendo’s press release says, “‘Light’ is an English word meaning ‘light’ and ‘light.'” Wait, actually, that doesn’t work so well in English!

Next paragraph: the machine will be thinner, lighter, and brighter than the original DS, which is, yes, currently still sold out all over Japan. The unit will apparently have four brightness settings, and refined buttons. Now, if it also has fixed screen ratios for GBA games, and if it offers you the ability to map the GBA’s L and R buttons to the DS’s X and Y buttons, we’ll be onto something. My guess is that it will indeed allow such remapping — however, configuration of the DS’s four buttons so that Y acts as a GBA’s B and B acts as a GBA’s A (which would make Super Mario Bros. 3 actually playable on the handheld), will have to wait for the Nintendo DS lite SP micro edition (or this ~BS).

Nintendo’s press release does not indicate that Gameboy Advance game compatibility will be dropped, as many had been whispering. In fact, it says that “all of the DS’s unique functions will remain intact.” This is Japanese market-speak for “we didn’t take anything away.” Example: when you’re looking for an apartment in Tokyo, if the apartment has a gas stove (as it should) the real estate classifieds listings will say nothing about it. If it doesn’t have a gas stove, the top of the ad will exclaim proudly, “Compatible with gas stove!” Another example: Konami once released Contra Spirits on Gameboy Advance; it was a horribly neutered port, missing most of the fun and the two-player simultaneous function. A big red burst on the front of the Japanese box read “EXCLUSIVE ONE-PLAYER ACTION!!” So there you have it. That is how professionals accentuate the negative.

I personally welcome the new DS, as long as it’s at least as bright as the ultra-bright GBA SP2. I don’t even mind that the thing looks like an iPod (I mean, I’m going with my gut and saying they went with the exact same designers who did the Revolution controller — and the iPod). I just really hope they announce a red one, because that’s what I’ll get. And I’ll look so sophisticated! My old DS makes me look like a dude who’s hip with pop-culture (only in Japan), and this new one will make us all look like egg-drinking power-stock-brokers. While playing cavia’s Dragon Ball Z against the schoolkids across the train and muttering curses occasionally.

The Nintendo DS lite goes on sale (in Japan) on March 2nd, for 16,800 yen (about $150). I have resolved to buy one of these, and sell my old DS cheap to a friend. Nintendo’s current entrepreneurlike business strategies have inspired me. You can read more about Nintendo’s current success in an article I wrote here. If the lead-in advertisement doesn’t jinx you.

i personally don't like the manga. the guy's name is 'ichigo,' though, which is kind of cool.Also, to commemorate this announcement (?), Treasure and Sega have released their Bleach for DS today. I’m going to Akihabara to buy it in just forty minutes. I tingle! Famitsu gave it an 8, 7, 8, 8, which is fitting, because anime/manga fans don’t care about review scores (or else Bandai would be bankrupt by now), and Treasure fans would never buy a game that a mainstream publication scored a “9,” anyway. It’s a lot like Treasure’s YuYu Hakusho for MegaDrive, a favorite game for hardcore gamers everywhere to pretend to have played!! Consider this research, and do it!! They could totally release this in America as “Bleach: Dong Slasher.” WANKING

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Download: Wintergreen lives out Atari fantasy

wintergreen.jpgWho hasn’t had the thought of driving to New Mexico and digging up all those lost copies of E.T.? I know I have, and these four midwest->Los Angeles transplants (though I only see three in the video) do just that in their video for the song When I Wake Up. Or they pretend to anyway – I don’t know that anyone’s actually found the things. A rather nice video, so give it a look, eh?

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News: Sega plug and play/LCD console

newsega.jpgWraggster grabbed a report from Asian Toy Source, stating that the latter company has gotten rights to create plug and play systems using 48 licensed sega games. Right now they have calls to other companies to create systems using their license, but have announced that they have their own LCD-based system in development, which is perhaps the most exciting news. These may all be Master System-based games, but still exciting. The SMS Gunstar is way better than the GBA one, after all! Here’s a direct quote: “We are developing a Sega hand held system also (like Gameboy), which will contain 20 games of your choice and have a high quality 2.5 inch LCD screen. For an additional cost, we can create a cartridge based version as well, so you can have 20 games inside plus sell multi-game cartridges also. “

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News: Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina

Rakuten has some information on a new DS detective game, Osawari Tantei Ozawa Rina. The main scenario will include four different tales, and twenty mini-quests will spice up the adventure. Unlike popular detective games such as the Tantei Saburou Jinguuji series or Famicom Tantei Club, the cases will not involve gruesome murders but rather stories for the whole family to enjoy together. The game will be released on April 13 at a regular price.

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News: Mother 3 gets a release date

TOTALLY RAD.I waited for tim to write about it, but it might have skipped his large prime radar, or he might be waiting to get some more information before writing about it: we now have a date for Mother 3, from Shigesato Itoi himself. The much awaited postmodern(!) sequel should come out on April 20. This newspost’s picture was found, via the IC forums, on Dan Owsen’s blog. Among other jobs at Nintendo, Dan Owsen translated Mother 2 for the US release (retitled Earthbound, as most of you know). One’s hopeful he will also get to translate what is possibly the last important GBA release.

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News: Mash Mods returns!

gbctouch.jpgMy old pal Mash has redone his website, and has a brand new set of mods. Most notably, he has this chip for your DS which will allow you to remap your L and R buttons to X and Y when playing GBA games – on the fly. You toggle between the two by pressing L and R together, continuing the long tradition of hackers fixing things Nintendo should have done themselves. Other nifty mods include an internal rumble pack for the GP32, and – perhaps most impressively, a touch screen for the Game Boy Color. It has three layers – LCD screen – front light – then touch screen. He’s definitely got it working, though I’m not totally clear on how it’s implemented in-game. The full writeup is coming soon, so watch for it!

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News: No more e3 booth babes?

i wear this shirt to e3 every year, actually.
According to, the ESA (the organization that holds E3) will enforce a $5,000 fine to show exhibitors if “nudity, partial nudity and bathing suit bottoms” or anything “sexually provocative” is displayed anywhere on the show floor. This is interesting indeed, because, well — E3 has been becoming a vertiable swamp of booth babes lately. The worst offenders are (were?) the G4 booth babes, who wore tight shirts that read “G4 BOOTH BABE.” I mean, my lord, if I ever catch myself merely speaking the words “booth babe” (as it stands, I have only ever typed), I’ll check myself into some kind of criminal institution for stupidity. If I ever wake up wearing a T-shirt with “booth babe” written on it, I’ll call the police as quickly as possible.

This new sanction amuses children of all ages, on all levels. Not only will it eliminate booth babes, it will also eliminate any male bodybuilders who were thinking of taking off their shirts and flexing. It will not prevent me from wearing my favorite T-shirt (see image). It will make it much easier for journalists to concentrate on fairly, accurately, and objectively writing previews of all those games they’re supposed to be playing. It will not, however, make any games starring gangster rappers shooting innocent people in the head any less bitchingly popular. It will, however, please Tomonobu Itagaki, who told me a few E3s ago, shaking his head at booth babes, that “American women don’t understand men.”

We here at pause to reflect on the booth babes of the past, and to muse: wouldn’t it be cool if, say, SNK hired girls in glasses and big ankle-length coats, with scarves and mittens? Have you ever hugged a girl wearing a thick coat and mittens? If you haven’t, you’re really missing out. It’s the tactile equivalent of knowing there’s a Tootsie Roll in the center of your Tootsie Roll pop.

BREAKING NEWS: A story that just reached my virtual news desk says that the ESA will prohibit the entry of’s own Brandon Sheffield into the Los Angeles Convention Center during E3, stating that his very being falls under the “sexually provocative” adjective. Furthermore, the ESA has stated, “Not only is he sexually provocative no matter what he’s wearing, he’s just too durn gorgeous.” This is not the first time the ESA has used the word “durn” in a press release. JOKING

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