Rumors: Trademark patents

| chazumaru

It’s never a bad thing to check out applications for trademark patents, since it gives an idea about what some companies may have in mind for the next few months. Some of these names end up being filed only to use for completely different and unexpected reasons, but you never know… For instance, it won’t surprise anyone that in late 2005, Nintendo submitted names to Japanese copyright authorities such as “Dairantou Smash Brothers” (and its nickname “SmaBro” – better known as Super Smash Bros. Melee), “Luigi”, “Wario”, “Made in Wario”, “Donkey Konga”, “Yoshi”, “Famicom Wars”, “Ten Eighty” or “Metroid”. Those would be obvious upcoming titles on either DS or Revolution or both. Same goes for Bandai copyrighting a new Digimon game.

However some other applications might be a tad more surprising, such as Konami registering “Snatcher” again to wreck havoc with Kojima fans (and register a mysterious “i-Revo” next to it) <edit: let me precise this – though they are directly under each other in the list, it under no circumstance implies they are inevitably connected. Also, Gamasutra has an entry on i-Revo>. Meanwhile Namco seems in the spirit of reviving old licenses with entries such as “GalagaLive”, “GaPlus”, “Pac&Pal”, “Pac-Mania” and adding “Dream Food Stadium” and “DFS” to their list of demands. Don’t get your hopes too high, but at least you’ve been warned.


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