News: Capcom loves the PSP

| chazumaru

Mitchell's Block Block (1991)Among japanese publishers, Capcom¹ clearly is the biggest supporter of the PSP right now. Its AreKore series received rather tepid results but the publisher has finally been rewarded with the success of Monster Hunter Portable, a game with high sales, and the first major hit for the console in Japan (and Monster Hunter Dos on PS2 is apparently enjoying very strong sales for its debut, installing the series as the publisher’s new hot IP). They unveiled two new PSP games at their Capcom Press Event in Las Vegas. Power Stone Portable is a compilation of the two rather cultishly loved Dreamcast fighters, whereas Capcom Puzzle World will feature a few arcade hits such as Super Puzzle Fighter IIX and a few Mitchell² games: three episodes of their famous Pang series, and the rather obscure Block Block. This one was a “tatefuu block kuzushi” or, if you prefer, a breakout-like game using a vertical screen display. Will they go for the vertical mode for the PSP? <Brandon’s note: This game will actually be in the US Capcom Classics collection for PSP, I’ve been told. And in the US one at least, they have a variety of display options, including a vertical mode.> There is also a very hot GokuMakaimura trailer to watch.

¹Speaking of Capcom: they plan to bring adaptations of all three GBA episodes of Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) to US cellular phones later this year. No words on the original GBA versions being eventually brought to the western world in their natural form. (via GA-F)

²Speaking of Mitchell: their DS adaptation of Puzz Loop will also be released in the USA this spring, under the name Magnetica. (via


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