News: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology screens and some historic ranting

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sfa_01.jpgCompiled from US media, you can see them all here. They confirm that it’s a Capcom USA product (most likely using a partial emulator) which will suffer from the ‘fake-low res syndrome’ once again. A low-res-designed game needs a true low-res display to get a proper on-screen presentation, and the American company also fails to realize that ‘Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold’ was the name they used for the Western version of Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash, not Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (the actual game included in this compilation) despite the popular belief. They both were enhanced versions of Street Fighter Zero 2, the former for the domestic market, the latter for the arcade one, but with certainly different features. Even more amusing, though, is the fake, nonsensically-illustrated flyer they have invented for this game and the select screen. Does Capcom USA hate the fan? They probably hate even themselves. Some Street Fighter II Dash Turbo screens for the Xbox Live Arcade have also appeared, by the way.


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