News: Kakutou Bijin Oolong

| chazumaru

I hope some of you still have a little faith left in Dream Factory, because they'll need some suckers to buy this one.Between Grasshopper‘s involvement in the recent Samurai Shamploo, Nanaon-Sha‘s DS version of Tamagochi, and a publishing deal with Q Entertainement for their handheld games, the Bandai side of BandaiNamco has recently been the home of many studios of a rather outcast nature, prone to cult followings by a few gamers. The publisher is going one step further in that direction by having Dream Factory produce a new title for them. Dream Factory, I remind you, was the ex-darling of the fighting game scene with their groundbreaking Tobal series. Alas, their following entries Ergheiz and The Bouncer kind of killed the buzz around them, and a large chunk of the original staff had left when Kakutou Choujin – seen by many as the studio’s nadir – came out on Xbox (though we did find a defender of the game). Their latest known production was the largely unnoticed Yoshitsuneki for Banpresto in late 2005. With the forthcoming Kakutou Bijin Oolong, Dream Factory is adapting a recent manga and anime featuring a young and bosomy girl that enjoys breaking arms and fighting grizzlies with her crazy martial arts techniques. According to competent authorities, it’s a rather poor license – one of those B-grade shounexploitation series that get broadcast at an hour when correct animations and clever storylines are not a major preoccupation for the young male viewer. Dream Factory has been working on some UFC and Pride fighting games after Kakutou Choujin, so it should play close to those. Check some images on GameWatch.


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