News: Ron Gilbert in Paris

| chazumaru

Merci, Jean Pierre.I might have noticed it a bit too late, but the famous actor and director… no wait I am mistaken, the famous programmer and game designer Ron Gilbert will be visiting Paris, France this week with Clayton Kauzlaric for business matters. Gilbert is beloved by all for SCUMM, Maniac Mansion and the early Monkey Island games, among other achievements within the adventure genre. Kauzlaric worked on games such as Secret of Evermore, Total Annihilation and the recent Voodoo Vince. The duo is responsible for the webcomic Grumpy Gamer, available on Ron Gilbert’s weblog of the same name. They are apparently cruising the world to find some publisher for a project of theirs. I guess Nobilis might be their target in France, or at least would be a clever contact for their mentioned “adventure/RPG” game. My reason for mentioning this ovious decoy for a romantic trip is that Gilbert and Kauzlaric evoked the possibility of a casual meetup with fans, which has finally been planned for next Saturday. The meetup is in part organized by Nordine and Lama, two fine gentlemen from the Push-Start community. It’s a pretty cool idea, and they apparently still have room for a few people who would want to come with them… though you should hurry up as their official deadline for taking part was last night. So if you live in or plan to visit Paris around that date, and if one of your lifelong dreams was to meet some of the few respected members of the industry, register at the Push-Start forums and ask politely.


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