News: Katamari website closes

| fort90

The Katamari Damacy homepage has come to a close. There is a goodbye message that contains a few words from the staff, such as how surprised they were that the page managed to last for 2 years. They also thank all the fans who’ve played the game, and state that everyone who worked on the game has gone off to pursue their own projects. There’s also mention of another project from the “Katamari Doctor” (no doubt Keita Takahashi, who has already stated numerous times that he was more than reluctant to create sequels to his creation) along with a somewhat cryptic message stating that it doesn’t have rolling, nor does it involve making things big.

>Brandon’s note:> The series isn’t over though. I just heard it from the man himself. It’s just that he’s no longer working on it, and the ‘katamari team’ no longer exists as such.


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