News: The GameKing 3

| fort90

Fans of Timetop/Daidaixing/GaoMing Electroncic Company’s line of products, or el-cheapo gaming devices from China in general, might be interesting in knowing that a new version of their GameKing console has recently been unveiled.

Whereas the GameKing 1 resembled the original, non-front/backlit GBA, the GameKing 2 looked like a PSP, and the first version of the GameKing 3 appears to be based on the Game Boy Micro, and this second iteration (of GameKing 3) has an entirely unique design, particularly the action buttons, which may not look comfortable, but its at least “different”. And here’s a picture of what might be a working production model. Solid, technical information is scare, but it looks to be backwards compatible with all previous GameKing software, which curiously enough, comes in cartridges that strongly resemble the Game Boy Colors’.

The manufacture’s site is not exactly informative, so the best place to go for answers is this Wikipedia page, which breaks down the technical specification of the pervious GameKings, such as the fact that despite it’s relatively poor display, some games do feature good speed and audio. Plus there’s a listing of all the games available thus far, which not surprisingly are rip-offs of 2600, NES, and SMS games (with the very best one supposedly being Duck Man, a clone of the NES Darkwing Duck). And a more detailed breakdown of various games, as well as pictures of their cartridges (along with promises of screenshots) can be found here.

Credit goes to IC forumite Takashi for the head’s up, who also pointed towards Move Star Game, by the same folks behind the GameKing, and which just might be its killer app (assuming it’s actually a GameKing game – it’s still unconfirmed if any GK sytems support color).


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