News: Street Fighter Zero: Fighter’s Generation

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sfzfg_02.jpgTo continue with our Street Fighter Alpha Anthology-related trivia, ‘Street Fighter Zero: Fighter’s Generation’ is the name the game will get in Japan when it gets released there in May. It has a preliminary site here with a couple of interesting hints. Firstly, the nice main illustration (by Bengus?) includes Fei Long, Dee Jay, T. Hawk and Guile’s faces. Quite odd since they were exclusive characters for the home versions of SFZ3 (are they ‘porting’ the PS version instead of the arcade original? Most Japanese shops are mentioning only ’28 characters for SFZ3′, though, much like the arcade game…). Secondly, you can see that the game copyright mentions Capcom USA, confirming that it’s not a Japanese product, which is what we suspected. Otherwise, it could be alluding the fact that Capcom USA owns Street Fighter IPs now, though Japan still has to approve what they can do with them. We can only hope SFIV never gets made, in that case (even if we know it never will). <Brandon’s note: I’ve heard some things, and wouldn’t totally discount SF IV.

Update: IT Media’s preview lets us see now the character select screen from SFZ3, which corresponds to the arcade version. Maybe they’re including PS SFZ3 as an unlockable extra?


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