News: KOF XI for PS2 this June

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kofix_10.jpgA PS2 version of The King of Fighters XI has been announced for June 22nd. It was discovered thanks to the release schedule some shops get periodically, as we learn from Game Boku Tenin no Kawagoto. The King of Fighters: Nests Hen is also announced for the same day, so it seems the rumored KOF ’98 Re-Bout won’t be appearing before this ’99~2001 compilation. Anyway, it’s SNK Playmore, so you never know. Melty Blood: Act Cadenza has received a release date too: June 1st, and you also can check the first Ten Chi Jin screens via Famitsu.

Update: There’s a ‘The King of Fighters 2006’ announcement now on SNK Playmore USA’s site, which is obviously either XI or, even worse, KOF Maximum Impact 2 (most likely). USA is different. Oh well.

Aderack Note: Yeah, it’s the U.S. name for Maximum Impact 2. According to a… brief post on the SNK Playmore USA forums, the order came “from Japan” — though what that means, if indeed anything, is up for grabs. At this rate I expect Noise to produce the first new Ikari game in over a decade, then the US branch to rename it “Metal Slug 7”.

What does any of this mean for a US release of KOF XI? Hard to say. Doesn’t look good, though.


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