News: Final Fantasy XII makes japanese people sick

| tim

her gorjassity, quite frankly, weirds me out Apparently, thousands of people are complaining that Final Fantasy XII is giving them motion sickness. This may or may not have something to do with the perpetual state of motion that is Miss Angela Aki’s hair. (She sings the theme song.) I spent a large amount of time writing about this, though the conclusion ended up being: many people who hadn’t bought a videogame since Final Fantasy X in 2001 bought Final Fantasy XII, and it was the first game they ever played with 3D movement. A lot of my words were probably unnecessary, which is most likely why they were cut out of this article on It’s still an alright article, at any rate.

All of the “complaints” about the game mentioned in this article were pooled from the (many) one-star reviews of the game on, which is so great a place to see what regular Japanese people think about videogames that, um, some people use it as a research tool in their videogame industry jobs. (Ahem!!)

Just about every piece of information edited out of the article by Next-Gen’s skilled, experienced staff has found its way into my email inbox in the last twenty-four hours. These pieces of information include:

“The bunny woman is totally Chewbacca.” (This relates to the major complaint that the game is a “rip-off” of “Star Wars.)

Final Fantasy games have always paid homage to ‘Star Wars.’ Like, there are characters named ‘Biggs’ and ‘Wedge’ in most of them.”

. . . Actually, um, all of these emails are about “Star Wars.” Uh . . .

Anyway, the article, as posted on the website, is tight and readable, which took a miracle, as I wrote it in a hurricane of tears that someone on the internet didn’t understand something like I wanted them to. What you’ll get if you read it is, at least, an understanding of how Final Fantasy XII works, how it’s different from previous games in the series, and how Square-Enix could have marketed the game just a little bit differently to keep people from getting as angry as they’re getting. One of the alternative marketing methods omitted from the piece, yes, is “Publicize the fact that Akio Otsuka plays a major voice role. Put his name on the poster.”


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