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| brandon

Thank goodness they don't actually release one every year
As has become SNK’s modus operandi recently, the company will be releasing another collection, though this one may actually have a bit of some value added. The company plans to port six Metal Slug games to the PSP, on one UMD. The games include MS, MS2, MSX, MS3, MS4, and MS5. It’s worth it just for X and 3, really. If they give the graphics proper treatment, this will make the playing field much wider, which could actually lend some strategic difference to the game. The bad news is that this is planned for November, so there’s a bit of a wait involved.

Update: Here’s an official statement from Terminal Reality, the company doing the PSP port: “We came up with an advanced scaling method to fill the screen with minimal distortion with the original tiles. Most players will be happy with this. But for our hardcore fans, we will have a display option that will be the original pixel for pixel version of the game.

In other, rather wacky Metal Slug news, check out this rather unfortunate press release, probably penned by the only person left at the Sega Amusement offices. Check out this amazing statement: “Metal Slug 6, on Sega’s AW Hardware System, is the 7th installment of the comical and combat-filled Metal Slug series, but the first to land on any arcade platform.” Yes, folks – Metal Slug has FINALLY hit arcades, after years of being…where? “Metal Slug is a series of ‘shoot ’em up’ video games first released on the NEOGEO game console created by SNK in 1996.” – fully ignoring (or more likely not being aware of) the MVS’s existence.

The cavalcade of genius continues here, by passively claiming that Sega had something significant to do with the development of the game: “When called, Sega answered by delivering Metal Slug 6 on its AW Hardware System.” Now this last part…well I’m not even sure if it’s completely false, but hey, let’s poke fun at it anyway, because it includes a childish definition of what a ‘slug’ is. “The original designers of the series wanted to create an armored fighting vehicle that could crawl on the ground like a “slug”, or snail without an outer shell protecting its body.” And here all this time I though they meant ‘slug’ as in bullet. I am but a humble fool, cowering in the face of the genius that is Sega’s remaining amusement PR staff.


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