News: More on Tose

For those of you intrigued by Tose’s stealth development practices (mentioned back here), new forum member smsgenny found this very handy list of several games the company has developed. This has been equally handily transcribed into english by that very same poster. View the results here. Just to give you a taste: Kid Icarus, Moero!! Pro Yakyuu, Biohazard 0, Funky Fantasy, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation, and a whole boatload of Dragon Ball games. Note that these are put up on the internet by…some guy. This isn’t an official list, but only a few of them are far-fetched.

Incidentally this is an interesting place, if you haven’t been there (I hadn’t). It’s primarily an short review aggregate site, but almost doubles as a mobygames for japan by virtue of its developer table. It doesn’t have credits, but it does have big old lists of developed games, and if you do something like look for aiky, it redirects you to compile for earlier works, as it should. Quite worth a look.

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Link: Watch those robots

hrp2_buchi.jpgAs though some greater power is at work to entertain me, those people at impress have created a new site covering the burgeoning interest in robotic sport. Imaginatively titled Robot Watch, it joins its sister sites Game Watch and Forest Watch. Interestingly, one of their more recent pieces covers the Yutaka Izubuchi re-designed HRP-2, or more accurately the HRP-2m Choromet.

In a similar vein, someone was also kind enough to cover a brief event on Japanese television where the original Gundam (that’s the RX-78-2 to you) and Great Mazinger square off. The result I am sure many super robot fans will be happy with.

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Toys: Soul of Chogokin Voltes V

voltesv_soc.jpgThose that partook in the Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 goodness will appreciate the fact that Bandai have recently released a Voltes V toy in their esteemed Soul of Chogokin toy line.

There are some wondrous pictures here that make you feel all happy and like a wide eyed five year old again. It’s nice that they also did some comparison shots with the Combattler V toy, they are spiritually linked after all. Now we just need a pimped up Daimos toy to finish the triumvirate.

Personally, my favourite toy in the Soul of Chogokin line line is the Dancougar, despite having a really dull gattai it still is very literally a beast of toy (or more accurately four beasts).

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News: PSP Dai Yon no Mokushiroku’s official site

daiyon_10.jpg It’s the Tengai Makyou game which appeared on the Sega Saturn and is being ported to PSP, as we’ve mentioned already, and it just got an official website today. The good news it’s that the screens confirm truly updated graphics, with a larger visible area on screen instead of upscaling the original graphics like almost every conversion these days, especially on PSP. Those who buy this version will also get a brand new intro (one of the original game’s strongest points was the superlative FMV animation highly responsible for making the characters so memorable) along with a new scenario with its new characters (see here). July 13th is the release date, and this time with serious possibilties to see a US version due to the recent Hudson Soft comeback in that country. They’re localizing the blatantly awful Ziria for the 360, after all.

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News: Second Grand Phantasm promo video released

grandphantasm_06.jpgAnother one of those games whose website updates with assiduity, we’ve found today that a second promotional movie has just been put up for download. The game is primed for release next month and it’ll get a logo-only cover for the first time in Gust’s Atelier series. Maybe that means something? In case we didn’t link to it before, Game Watch’s preview is here with screens at their actual resolution revealing some not-very-nice filtered backgrounds, also for the first time in the series. What’s going on?

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News: Naps Team updates

We’re basically fans of Naps Team, for whatever reason, even though their games are often style over substance, and not in the ghm way, but more of a japanese idolatry way. Regardless, they’ve updated their games section. Turns out they made Racing Fever for GBA, and WWI: Aces of the Sky. Ok! Moving on, they’ve now got a dedicated site for Gekido, specifically the upcoming PSP version. Pretty much everything on the site is ‘work in progress’ aside from the trailer, which seems pretty interesting, even if it doesn’t show any of the action yet. The 3D is quite well-realized, and gives you a bit of a Berzerk (game/anime) feeling. Will the game be any good? Quite impossible to tell, but we’re rooting for them regardless.

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Music: Kenji Eno

Chronic weirdo Kenji Eno, as you may or may not know, has a blog. He also has a little google site with some of his music on it. A lot of it is very videogamey, and after all, a bunch of it’s from D2. It is music that is possible to enjoy, so go see about doing that, if you want to.

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Contest: Death Jr. coffin case at GSW

gamesetwatch has a contest for Death Jr. stuff up…the coffin case is especially nice! I’ve seen it, and the interior is nice and plush, like the kind of thing you’d want to get buried in. There’s other stuff in the pack, like a shirt that’s too big for me, and a hamster thing. The contest asks that you answer the following question: “When Death Jr. and friends appeared on the June/July 2005 issue of GSW sister publication Game Developer magazine, DJ was brandishing a scythe and pointing to a graph. What ‘hilarious’ joke descriptors are on the two axes of the graph?”

I know the answer, but won’t say! Game Developer is an alright magazine, too. Maybe you should check into it. I hear the features editor there is pretty awesome.

[EDIT: He’s awesome but forgot to add the link to the competition rules/entry email, didn’t he? Haw! – Simoniker.]

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News: New Sega arcade game: Extreme Hunting 2

You knew about Virtua Fighter and that tennis one, sure. But did you know about EXTREME HUNTING 2? Well, it’s made by Sega Amusements USA, which is based in Elk Grove Village, IL – won’t be too many more elk there for long! But anyway, it strongly appears to be an atomiswave game (just look at them robust screens), and is a tournament edition, meaning you can be ranked against other people who wear hats and plaid in public, should you so choose. Check out some movies, where you’ll find you can injure a bear then try to shoot it as it escapes! Then you can shoot fish in the water! Or even sparsely animated squirrels! All the while listening to twangy, poorly constructed hillbilly music (and I know my hillbilly music, I worked at a folk music club). But don’t forget, there are also frightening mystery animals – will it be a vicious bunny? Possibly a rabid duck? Maybe even a diabolical titmouse! You’ve got to play to find out!

The game was announced some time ago, but should be coming out in ‘early summer, 2006.’ which sounds a lot like now! You might think I was joking with the whole demonic animals thing, but just check out this quote from the tips section: “Keep a look out for the MONSTER ANIMALS, or the largest animals in the spot.” The bold and caps are their own. Those frightening animals, wandering around in their natural habitat – frankly they’re just asking for it! So, just wait til it comes out, then you can slouch behind a man with a red shirt, impatiantly waiting for your turn. Will that man ever finish? The khaki pants brigade can’t be kept waiting around!

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News: iRiver handheld progressing

iriver.JPGKotaku (who deftly dodged linking my oo okuki post, but they link me enough, so no foul, and I still love them) pointed out that iRiver’s game playing PMP has progressed to the point where playable games are now being demonstrated on the thing. Looks a bit like the DS lite! Apparently it’ll be coming to Korea in august. Strangely, the stats say nothing of the processor. Unusual!

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