Contest: Death Jr. coffin case at GSW

| brandon

gamesetwatch has a contest for Death Jr. stuff up…the coffin case is especially nice! I’ve seen it, and the interior is nice and plush, like the kind of thing you’d want to get buried in. There’s other stuff in the pack, like a shirt that’s too big for me, and a hamster thing. The contest asks that you answer the following question: “When Death Jr. and friends appeared on the June/July 2005 issue of GSW sister publication Game Developer magazine, DJ was brandishing a scythe and pointing to a graph. What ‘hilarious’ joke descriptors are on the two axes of the graph?”

I know the answer, but won’t say! Game Developer is an alright magazine, too. Maybe you should check into it. I hear the features editor there is pretty awesome.

[EDIT: He’s awesome but forgot to add the link to the competition rules/entry email, didn’t he? Haw! – Simoniker.]


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