News: PSP Dai Yon no Mokushiroku’s official site

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daiyon_10.jpg It’s the Tengai Makyou game which appeared on the Sega Saturn and is being ported to PSP, as we’ve mentioned already, and it just got an official website today. The good news it’s that the screens confirm truly updated graphics, with a larger visible area on screen instead of upscaling the original graphics like almost every conversion these days, especially on PSP. Those who buy this version will also get a brand new intro (one of the original game’s strongest points was the superlative FMV animation highly responsible for making the characters so memorable) along with a new scenario with its new characters (see here). July 13th is the release date, and this time with serious possibilties to see a US version due to the recent Hudson Soft comeback in that country. They’re localizing the blatantly awful Ziria for the 360, after all.


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