News: More on Tose

| brandon

For those of you intrigued by Tose’s stealth development practices (mentioned back here), new forum member smsgenny found this very handy list of several games the company has developed. This has been equally handily transcribed into english by that very same poster. View the results here. Just to give you a taste: Kid Icarus, Moero!! Pro Yakyuu, Biohazard 0, Funky Fantasy, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Virtua Fighter Cyber Generation, and a whole boatload of Dragon Ball games. Note that these are put up on the internet by…some guy. This isn’t an official list, but only a few of them are far-fetched.

Incidentally this is an interesting place, if you haven’t been there (I hadn’t). It’s primarily an short review aggregate site, but almost doubles as a mobygames for japan by virtue of its developer table. It doesn’t have credits, but it does have big old lists of developed games, and if you do something like look for aiky, it redirects you to compile for earlier works, as it should. Quite worth a look.


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