Podcast: One Life Left

2006_05_24_onelife.jpgThe kind of people who can be bothered to download (and listen to) a radio show about videogames are highly recommended to check out One Life Left, which not only features the random witterings and opinions of ex-Edge editor and Triforce member Ste Curran, but also features the terminally lovely John Walker and Jim Rossignol appearing occasionally with “Professor Game and Dr. Watch’s Lexicon of Gameography.”

It’s all very British, but I recommend it unreservedly – not least because unlike most gaming podcasts it breaks up the chatter with some high quality video game related music.

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Download: Pink Sweets’ new promo

pinksweets.jpgCave’s recipe for Pink Sweets (their new arcade shooter) promotional material. Take two ugly girls, put them in pink dresses, and make them caress each other. Add one bizarre plot twist in the middle, make it scream a bit. Stir. By far one of the more ridiculous things I’ve seen in a while. Thanks to rid for finding it, and also for ripping and hosting the file.

Incidentally, Stabo10 has written up his impressions of Pink Sweets on tim’s site, Large Prime Numbers. He seems to know what he’s talking about. Check the post out here. Stabo also mentioned to me that the game seems to be very memorization-based, requiring that you know exactly when to use your (infinite) bomb, because at times the screen will be full of enemies you can’t absorb (you can only absorb shots). He also mentions that it fits the classic Cave formula of stages – train stage, cloud stage, stage where all the little guys come out… Somewhat disconserting, but I’m still interested in a remote way.

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Toys: Revoltech Dante

revoltech_dante.jpgFor those vaguely aware, Kaiyodo has a thing for making toys that do very odd things in regards to posing. The Virtual On Oratorio Tangram figures were a veritable rubix cube of joints and hinges, trying to get at least a half decent pose out of the damn things was a mission indeed.

Finally, it seems Kaiyodo have caught onto their infamy and attempted to release a range of toys with revolving and ratcheted joints. In theory, this means the pose you set should stay that way and the toys will offer more poses than previously thought possible.

One of the first few toys in the Revoltech range was Dante from Devil May Cry 3. For those that like the smack talking ashen haired hero then they should check this action figure out (available from all good retailers).

In other news, it’s about bloody time someone released a decent toy of Overman King Gainer

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News: kenji eno making a Wii game

I just posted this as news on gama, but eno (of D2, Enemy Zero and Real Sound fame) is making a new game with fyto, the company he formed in 2001. It is, not surprisingly, a Wii game, and is the first title he’s worked on since D2. As a side-note, he’s a complete madman, but you’ll be hearing more about that when I finish my E3 wrapup. Pretty exciting, given his pedigree of rarely critically-acclaimed, but always really bizarre titles.

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Download: Yogurting intro

For those of you who are into the cutesy MMO thing, well, you’ve probably heard of Yogurting already. We’ve even mentioned it a couple of times. Anyway, Kim Laughton has pointed us to a download of the intro in zipped form. It’s quite interesting, with a bizarre animation style, and wacky dancing. Plus it contains the slogan Always Yogurting – can you beat that?

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News: Spectral Vs. Generations to PSP

Iggy points out that the 2D fighter Spectral Vs. Generations, which saw a PS2 port from the arcade some time ago, is now coming to PSP in august. It’s going to cost you 4,080 yen, and will probably be as average as the original, but hey! 2D! Fighting! Hard to ignore no matter the circumstance. Check out some movies of the PS2 version here, here, and here (the latter two are just examples of new battle system elements for PS2).

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News: San Francisco Katamari

katamari2.jpgYou may recall that some people were going to roll a giant Katamari across SF for the Bay to Breakers parade. That’s just what they did! Check the fore-linked site for some images, or even better, read young Chris Kohler’s writeup of the event. Pretty funny stuff. They even got rainbow stats at the end! They rolled it 5.3 miles, and the Katamari got progressively smaller as they went on. Toward the end, it was just a bunch of boxes taped together! Nice.

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News: Applessed on PS2

appleseed_movie.jpgShots of Dream Factory’s upcoming PlayStation 2 Appleseed game are continuing to surface around the place. It’s clear that it’s meant to tie in with the upcoming TV series and movie sequel but it’s hard not to get a tad antsy about the whole thing. Admittedly, the developer in question is responsible for the inimitable Tobal and Ehrgeiz games, yet this a Shirow work and they very rarely translate adequately into game form. <Brandon’s note: Plus their recent games have been a bit…well…suspect.>

In related news, the director of the original Appleseed CG-o-thon, Shinji Aramaki, will have one of his most reputable designs immortalised in 1/15 scale at the end of this month. The damn thing actually transforms around Shogo, which goes beyond crazed ingenuity. The recent DVD boxset is worth picking up, it’s proper old school anime after all.

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Art: Latest from takayoshi sato

satowoman.jpgAs you may know, we’re pretty big fans of takayoshi sato over here, the man behind Silent Hill II. He’s got a new bit of art from his latest project up, and as usual, it manages to look realistic without falling too deep into the uncanny valley. I think it’s the deliberate imperfections that do it. And as always, the person winds up being a bit frightening and intense. The full-sized image isn’t linked properly, but you can find it here. Hope to see this kind of work come to life soon, and I know sato’s working on a next gen title at EA now, so it might be a possibility. Stay tuned!

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News: Tose interview

Tose is an odd company. They’ve been developing games since 1979, but frankly, I’d never really heard of them til I found them on the GDC Game Connection floor. They’re an outsourcing company, and they like to keep their name out of their products, which accounts for why you may have never heard of them. But they’ve developed some big name titles. I truly wish I could divulge more of them, but Starfy is the one they’ll admit to. They’ve done very important work for Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, SNK (like the little-known Sasuke vs. Commander, which you see to the left) and others. Anyway, check out the interview, which is up at Gamasutra. They claim to be ninja, and it’s hard to deny!

Oh, and if you’re feeling like you just haven’t read enough interviews today, I put up my interview with Neil Young of EALA. It’s actually pretty good too.

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