News: Sega’s U.S. arcade plans, GSW stuffola

| kilvear

ohd4.jpg Hello, Insert Credit fans! Brandon has been called away to a new life as the King of Siam, and in the meantime, I’m here to point out a new feature about Sega GameWorks we posted over at Gamasutra, talking about the company’s attempts to revitalize the U.S. arcades.

This actually includes neat stuff like bringing the card-heavy Sega Japan arcade hits Mushiking and Love & Berry over into GameWorks in due course, and also launching an American version of the arcade network service (first game using it is, ahem, Extreme Hunting 2 – but still!) This all seems very IC-relevant, thus… this post!

[Also, wanted to point out that alt.gameblog GameSetWatch, which is where I spend most of _my_ time posting weirdo ephemera, has added a few columnists not unknown to IC fans, including Persona doing weird Pokemon cartoons, Jiji talking about retro remakes, and Dessgeega looking up ‘freely downloadable video games’ in their many guises. Now, time to wait for Brandon to send down his first royal decree. Bet it’s about Matrimelee!]


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