Mini report: The Advantage concert

| brandon

The Advantage played in san francisco a few nights back, and I was in attendance, as was the very tall substance j of sector: ngp, last updated in glorious 2002. The show was quite good, and the band played a mixture of their old and new albums, largely very precisely and with very few mistakes. You may recall that I wrote a feature about one of their first warehouse shows in oakland, where I first encoutered the guitar that had this on it. That belonged to guitarist ben milner, and after the show, I asked what became of it. In his own words: “oh man, I should’ve kept that guitar!” Apparently something (the bridge, was it?) needed changing, and the space invader would’ve been damaged in the process, so he put it out to pasture. A damn shame.

That aside, the show was good, and my friend matt ritona took some very nice stylized photos, as is his custom. If you’re the type that likes making things bigger, click them there images.

ben1s.JPG ben1s.JPG ben1s.JPG


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