News briefs: Weekly wrap

| brandon

Ok, we missed a few things over the week, so let’s try to catch up. First, KOF XI is out for PS2, and Melty Blood AC is up for preorder.

Next, Saint Seiya 2 has been announced for PS2, which is important if you’re french. Ruliweb has some screens of what promises to be another sub-par 3D fighter. I think Saint Seiya is to france as Dragon Ball Z is to mexico.

freak tells us that there’s another mobile game coming out from SNK, with Athena as the star. Unlike the ADV Athena on Stage, this will be a sidescroller. Athena Full Throttle is the name, and you can see some screens here. And yes, she’s got the original design from the famicom days here. It’ll be released on the first of july. Update: More screens here.

rid hershel mentioned that the Senko no Ronde Rev X website has been updating, and has several new sections. The game does seem to be slightly graphically improved for the 360.

Also from rid, check out this neat Sonic the Hedgehog green hill stage papercraft Sega’s put up for download. Very nice looking!

Lastly, iggy says that there will be a Gyakuten Saiban manga in Young Magazine. Good stuff, that!


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