News: Finder Love

| brandon

I hadn’t seen this before – apparently Capcom has got a series for PSP called Finder Love, in which you date, talk to, and take photos of famous japanese idols. That all sounds rather creepy, when you put it together, but them’s the breaks sometimes. Rather surprising this is coming from Capcom! There are some minigames you can also play with the idols, which is somewhat tempting, but not tempting enough. If you disagree, you can get them here. That’s right, I said them – Capcom has released no less than four of these, limited editions notwithstanding. The newest appears to be aki hoshino, whoever that is. A visit to IGN (shock!) tells me that they actually included bikinis with some of the limited editions, photos of which you can see at game watch. They’re apparently based on bikinis the girls actually wear in the game. Who are they expecting to wear them?


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