SPAM: Pongism in the Press

| eric-jon

If you were keeping up with that silly Monday column I used to have on NextGen, you might have noticed that I’m not doing it anymore! The reasons are varied, and mostly amount to not enough people reading it for all the weird pseudo-philosophical rants I wound around the week’s hottest Yi-Gi-Oh card battle game.

Result: I now have a new and different column on Thursdays, that involves… long pseudo-philosophical rants, on whatever topic strikes me as important after I’ve written half a paragraph. And I get paid for this stuff! One of them I spent more money than I care to divulge rescuing from a prolapsed hard drive — so I guess things even out in the end.

I keep getting mail from people who tell me how wonderful I am, so I guess maybe I’m not completely wasting my time. See what you think.


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