Play Asia: Super summer sale

| brandon

So Play Asia is having another one of those huge sales where if you buy enough crap you get entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes that some guy in Taiwan wins even though you bought like $300 worth of stuff. Oh my, where did that come from? (note: that comment is meant to indicate that my luck sucks, not that the contest is rigged) You could win a PS3, a Wii, a GP2X, or an affirming slap on the derriere! So many possibilities. Anyway, here’s the full discount page, and I’ll give you a rundown of some of the better stuff, in my tiny brain.

For PS2, there’s Zombie vs. Ambulance for $9 (go!), Rez for $9, Gigawing Generations for $22, Capcom’s strange D-like adventure game Glass Rose for $7, Rule of Rose Chinese version with awesome cover (all dialogue is in english anyway) for $15, the ‘probably not great, but who knows I haven’t tried it’ 3D fighter Erementar Gerad for $13, Final Fight Streetwise for $20, and you can finally check out the totally crappy Nina Williams: Death by Degrees for a reasonable price if you’re curious, as it’s only $5.

For PSP there’s Kurukuru Chameleon (puzzle game from Starfish) for $9, and not a whole lot else.

For DS, there’s Legend of Starfi for $30, not bad. There’s also Children of Mana DS for $20, and Ys Strategy for $30 (though as I recently mentioned, this is getting a Euro release).

Toys: A lot of you folks have already been buying these Final Fantasy Arts figurines for $4, even though their Rikku figure didn’t get the full treatment, so you might want to go take a look and follow your brethren/sistren. There are also these Biohazard 4 figures for $2. That’s cheap. And don’t forget to buy the urban/streetlife classic Wuz up b? Produce: Street Dancer for the original wonderswan! Sure to amaze your friends (that you spent the money on it). So that’s that, go nuts.


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