News: Summon Night: Craft Sword Story, also maragos

| brandon

In our continued effort to let you know every time anyone at Flight Plan sneezes or sits down somewhere funny, I figured I’d let you know that Summon Night: Craft Sword Story is out. It’s a videogame made by Flight Plan, who made games you might remember not playing, such as Black Matrix, and uh…Summon Night (without the Craft Sword bits – oh and I see they’ve called it Swordcraft Story instead of Craft Sword. Whatever works!). Buy it at a retailer near you! Or kill yourself. So many options!

In other Atlus-related news (they published Summon Night: CSS, see), 4 Color Rebellion interviewed nich maragos, who works there now. He’s finally admitted he likes new game journalism. Take that, former hater, who’s now also our friend! Anyway, good interview, he’s in localization at Atlus, and we saw him at the Minibosses show the saturday before last. End of newspost.


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