News: The trouble with PC Engine emulators

| brandon

sidearms.jpgSo I was checking out this homebrew game for the PC Engine – it’s basically a picross game, which isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s a homebrew PC Engine game, so that means I’m interested. Plus the guy has made lots of demos too. Anyway, I wound up being more interested in what was written below. Namely that the PC Engine was capable of displaying images at a rather high resolution – up to 512×240 – but apparently no emulators can match that. He’s got screen by screen comparisons of TV versus emulator shots, and it’s pretty striking – 8 pixels gone from the top and the bottom, 224 lines instead of 240! That’s trouble, that is. I’d never noticed it before, but then I don’t often play my PC Engine games on an emulator.

Oh, and that guy (he might want to be called chris covell) also bought the rare Devil Crash/Alien Crush arranged music CD, and you can check out some samples here. And while I’m talking about his stuff, check out his neat Sega hacking page. He’s got a page about hacking Game Gear games to run on the SMS – quite interesting, if you look at the Aleste comparison shots, you’ll see that bullets are still displayed outside the viewable area of the gamegear. Neat!

Update: Chris had this to say about the Aleste conversion: “When I hacked the game to run on the SMS, I extended the area that ships/bullets/enemies could be in, to fit the borders of the SMS screen. Otherwise, the bullets would disappear off the
sides of the GG screen, and the ship’s movement would have been more
constrained.” So there you go! Guess he had to do it himself.


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