News: Mushihime-sama to get a sequel

| Recap

This has been rumored for a couple of months now, and is official since yesterday, if we scrutinize Espgaluda II’s just-released OST, which includes an announcement with brand-new Mushihime-sama-themed artwork. Thanks to Hamapika for letting us know. Not as certain, but Shikigami no Shiro III could be coming to PS2, according to Play-Asia shop, though we believe this could be some kind of error, since it’s listing the game for the very same date as the recently announced Windows port from Cyber Front. On top of that, it mentions ‘Alfa System’ as the publisher, when this developer never publishes its own games. Here it is, anyway.

Update: As we thought, Play-Asia was in error. The page linked for the supposed “PS2 Shikigami no Shiro III” has been changed for the Windows version. Or they just read IC, that is.


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