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onestation.jpgSomehow this hasn’t gotten around the internet yet, it seems. The OneStation is a new Game Boy Micro-sized cartridge-based system by Jungletac, who also makes the VG pocket (NES romhack handheld), among other odd things, such as Disney’s upcoming handhelds. It’s increasingly easy to make this sort of thing, what with dropping technology prices, and Jungletac seems to be a real innovator here. The OneStation has embedded games like most other handhelds of its type, but as mentioned above, also takes cartridges of the ’35-in-1′ variety. The cartridges look like GBA carts, most of which are NES 8-bit games. Others are in a 16 bit-level grouping. Even more interesting, the unit appears to house both 8 bit and 16 bit architectures in a very small package, and it even comes with TV-out, like other Jungletac product.

onitac.gifThe 16 bit games are all Jungletac hacks or ‘originals’, but there are adapters released that allow you to play megadrive games. Megadrive games come in 4-1n-1 packs. You can see some of their original games here – ‘New concepts& Mary More…’ it says! Mary had also watch that she doesn’t get sued by Capcom for that Onimusha image down there.

Looking at the official Jungletac site, it seems they’re planning to release a number of interesting functions for the OneStation, such as flash, JPEG viewer, MP3, and the very very exciting SD download cart. onepink.gifWith that last one, you could likely load NES or MD roms straight onto the thing, though for MD you might need that adapter (which presumably contains an extra chip). Jungletac’s systems have a nice and very interesting TFT screen, which Sweater Fish, who linked me to this in the first place, says is analog RGB, thus dots of red, green, and blue make up each pixel, as opposed to most systems which simply have a pixel represent a given color. This can be good or bad, depending on how you feel. The D-pad and buttons usually leave a bit to be desired on these systems, but I haven’t tried this one. All in all a very intriguing grey market product from the people at Jungletac. And it comes in four colors – make mine Rose Pink, please! Oh and there’s a hands on impressions feature in german, but my german’s a bit rusty!


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