News: Makaimura PSP promo video

If you’re like me, and didn’t go to the new Makaimura website because you figured you’d know what was on there already, you’re just as dumb as I am. Go check out the awesome promo video, complete with Arthur ironing his heart shorts, hiring a prostitute (it seems!), and wearing cardboard armor. Very nice stuff.

As a bonus for all of you who read this entry even though you’re not an idiot and had already seen it (I suppose the smart people can download it too, but they’re not allowed to like it), here’s an mp3 from Makaimura for the Wonderswan. Listen to all of those sound channels! You can bet any sound effects cut out at least one of them. I’m guessing the cascading melody in the midrange (yes, shamefully I don’t actually own this one). These Capcom games really made the WSC chip shine, somehow. Considering I’m pretty sure most of these were simply licensed to Bandai and developed by a third party *cough*, there shouldn’t be an appreciable quality difference, but this and Rockman and Forte are two of the nicest sounding games on there.

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News: Sushi Samurai

Eric-Jon sent me an email with this link, saying ‘you like Burger Time, right?’ And that’s a true statement. I like it more than a little! This Sushi Samurai thing is a little flash game in the Canadian Broadcasting uh…Corporation, or something, in their kids’ section. How Eric-Jon found it is a mystery that will go down through the ages, but regardless, the game plays a lot like Burger Time (perhaps Data East’s greatest triumph – if the rights weren’t all still owned by a cantankerous old man, I think it’d be nice to see on Xbox Live Arcade), but it’s missing one core gameplay mechanic. In the original, if you’re walking across a piece of the food, and an enemy thingie is also treading upon it, if you make the food fall, the enemy falls too. That’s not in this version, so don’t bother trying to do it. Still fun, even if the music is a bit OOOOH, ASIA. I was going to say ‘ME SO SOLLY’, but decided that was probably going to far.

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Art: Nullsleep photo modified

Remember that Nullsleep/Bitshifter show we attended last month? Well, it turns out some people liked the photo aaron meyers took of the performance. This fellow by the name of gregory k. serweta thought that the A and B buttons of an NES pad might look a bit like turntables (not that there are any turntables in the original, but hey, artistic license!), and regardless of whether he’s right, he came up with a nice little photoshop piece. It’s at 1024 right now, and should resize to your desktop ok since it’s all bitmappy. Click the image on the left for Captain Largesize.

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News: Taito’s latest DS work

Taito has a couple of interesting projects in the works for the DS. One is called Remindelight (their spelling – not sure if this is ‘Reminde’ Light, or Remin Delight?), developed by Japan Art Media, published by Taito. Check out some images at famitsu – for some reason you won’t find them on the official site. It’s a rather nice looking 2D RPG in which you attack enemies with the stylus.

Next, there’s an updated New Zealand Story, which looks really nice. I can’t find the original publisher’s link, but Rising Star Games – Marvelous Entertainment’s UK publishing arm – is bringing the game to europe. You can check out some screens here (beware of unintuitive site design!). Thanks to Arngrim on the MMC boards for the 2nd link. As an aside, Rising Star is also bringing out Ys Tactics in europe. September for that one.

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News: Jeanne D’arc

jeanne.jpgJeanne D’arc is the new game from Level 5, of Dark Cloud, Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy fame. It seems to be a rather traditional SRPG, which suits me just fine. Very nice backgrounds, even though the 3D characters are a bit bland. Check out the game here, with system, story and character info. Click the bottom left of the main page for a movie. Also check out Level 5’s official site, where you can find things like screenshots. Thanks to Iggy for the link.

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News: Choushoujuu Mecha MG

mecha_mg.jpgThose happy mecha fiends at Sandlot are in the process of making another scale-based tastic game called Choushoujuu Mecha MG.

Whilst people will be more familiar with Sandlot’s Chikyuu Boueigun games, the developer has historically made a varied cornucopia of mecha titles (most notably starting with the original Remote Control Dandy on the PSone way back in 1999).

Considering their vast experience with the genre hopefully the DS game will be as good as their previous offerings. The game will be released in Japan at the beginning of September.

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News: Leona in Metal Slug

Leona, of Ikari Warriors/KOF fame, is a playable character be in the recently released mobile Metal Slug, Metal Slug Survivors. Ralph and Clark are in there too. It’s available for Foma 90x series phones, at 525 yen. More info here. It’s getting near time for SNK to do a mobile game collection for the GBA, don’t you think? Thanks to Arngrim for pointing it out.

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