New: Zombie City Tactics

chikyuu_x1.jpg So, I’ve apparently now turned into ‘hear Brandon say he’s going to post something on IC, see him not do it, post it for him’ guy. Who would want to be that guy?

Anyhow, IC regular Professor Scissors has posted the full version of Zombie City Tactics, his game which he describes as “a turn-based strategy game about outsmarting and defeating massively superior enemy forces… perhaps!” Sure, the art is a little programmer-y, but the gameplay is entirely present and correct, so you should check it out.

Also, the good Prof says: “If you want to you can also mention that I am looking for brave warriors to be artists and musicians and stuff for my next project”, which appears to be Zombie City Survivors, which “is going to take some elements from Zombie City Tactics, Fire Emblem, Resident Evil, and an obscure freeware Gameboy Color demo called Hungry are the Dead.” Sounds yummy.

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Mini-Report: Comic Market 70

doujin.jpgSo the 70th Comic Market took place from the 11th of August to the 13th of August this year. Notable events this time around include a bunch of talk shows organized by the various commercial booths like ComicStudio, the release of the final chapter of Higurashi no naku koro ni, and most notably, it’s the final summer Comic Market that Nekoneko soft will be attending. Nekoneko soft is a popular bishoujo game maker (or eroge) that rose from a doujin circle into the commercial world in 1999, and their portfolio includes popular hits such as Giniro and Mizuiro. They announced early this year that they would be closing the company after the release of Scarlett, their latest game.

A bunch of sites have also been updated with reports of stuff that went on at the 70th Comic Market, including ban-ban’s blog, where he reports a total of 1063 items bought at Comiket, which can be estimated to be worth at least over 500,000 yen. Here are links to some other blogs with reports, and keep in mind that many may not be work safe:

Lump of Sugar
Moeyo Akibajin Blog
Senaka Otaroad Blog
Jouji Resource Fusoku, with a report on the Cut A Dash!! booth
Hobby Channel Cosplay Special

This year’s Comiket was featured on TV shows Zoom in Super and Super report with subtitles too (Youtube links)

News: The Chikyuu Boueigun X

chikyuu_x1.jpgThere are some very interesting screenshots of Sandlot’s new entry to the Chikyuu Boueigun saga, entitled the Chikyuu Boueigun X. It will be the first of the games to be released on the Xbox 360 and it appears that multiple NPCs also help the player out. It’ll be interesting to see how such a feature would segue into Live functionality (online human co-op?). D3 have put up an official site as well. Naturally, this particular screenshot has made me very happy.

Ollie Update: There’s a video of sorts on youtube. It’s clear the framerate is a lot better than the PS2 iterations, though that’s not exactly hard.

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News: SNK Playmore at the TGS

SNK Playmore’s game list for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show has just been released here, revealing some interesting new titles. Firstly, there’s The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match, the expected remake for PS2, which will supposedly include the original game, much like KOF ’94 Re-Bout did. Curiously enough, it’ll be shown at the ‘Neo-Geo Online Collection Corner’, even if it’s very unlikely that it’ll be part of this series. You’ll also find Garou Densetsu Battle Archives 2, a compilation of the three Real Bout games (we believe), as well as the already announced (too many times, indeed) The King of Fighters: Nests Hen, which will also include DC versions of ’99~2001, as well as the original NG ones. These two will be playable. The Metal Slug compilation for PSP developed in the US is also listed there as ‘Metal Slug Complete’, as well as Garou Densetsu Special for XB360 Live Arcade. The rest of them, not so special to be mentioned, we think.

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News: Chou Sou Juu Mecha MG

Sandlot’s (Earth Defense Force) nice looking mech action DS title has some new movies available. First there’s a commercial on youtube, then a promo movie on the official Nintendo site. Quite a nice oldschool song, as well. Looks fun, though the other youtube movies make it seem as though it may be a bit slow. Still, Sandlot hurrah! Thanks to NeoGutsman for the links.

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News: Anamanaguchi New Album Release Party & Show

A heads up for all New Yorkers out there; the teenaged chiptune trio Anamanaguchi has a new album coming out and they’re having a party/show this upcoming Saturday, August 26. The venue is The Tank, which has become the hotspot and homebase for chiptunes in NYC. Also playing will be everyone’s favorite around these parts, Nullsleep, and The Depreciation Guild.

Thanks to IC forum-ite dmauro for breaking the news (as well as the details). For those who can’t make it out to the show, it should be available over at 8bitpeoples.

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Review: The Idol M@ster

So! The Idol M@aster is coming to the Xbox 360, but few of us really know what it is. This Brendan Lee guy though (no relation), seems to have played it quite a bit in Japan. It’s got interesting info in it, so take a look. Seems tough to build a relationship with a computerized girl in an arcade, but…there it is. Pictures and everything!

P.S. vince did the work of putting the article live, though I don’t know who html-ed it. Maybe tim! Anyway, thanks, cohorts!

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News: Mizuguchi interview

I interviewed tetsuya mizuguchi a bit ago – you may have heard of him – and we talked about lots of things, like gunpei yokoi, poor reactions to the Lumines II roster, and other crap, like uh…european museums! No new game journalism here! I intended to put this in as part of my france update, what with the lumines connection, but so it goes. Read it here.

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News: Moetan on PSP

moetan.jpgRemember Moetan? We spoke about it back in 2003 (see November 23, 2003), and it’s basically a ‘learn english with cute/moe girl’ kind of thing. It was off-topic back when we first mentioned it, as it was just a book. Then it became a PC game, and now it’s coming to PSP, so there you go! Here’s a direct link to the streaming version. You still learn english in the moe way, though it’s not too clear what else is added, since the official moetan site doesn’t have any added info. Regardless, enjoy the ridiculousness.

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News: New Milestone STG – Karasu

Milestone has announced a new arcade shooter, Karasu, though there’s no info on the site yet. They did Radirgy most recently, if you recall. So, Karasu means crow(s)…could be interesting! Or not, impossible to tell. I like the little graphic though. They’re calling it Karous in english right now, but, well…they don’t mean it.

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