Mini-Report: Comic Market 70

| Zepy

doujin.jpgSo the 70th Comic Market took place from the 11th of August to the 13th of August this year. Notable events this time around include a bunch of talk shows organized by the various commercial booths like ComicStudio, the release of the final chapter of Higurashi no naku koro ni, and most notably, it’s the final summer Comic Market that Nekoneko soft will be attending. Nekoneko soft is a popular bishoujo game maker (or eroge) that rose from a doujin circle into the commercial world in 1999, and their portfolio includes popular hits such as Giniro and Mizuiro. They announced early this year that they would be closing the company after the release of Scarlett, their latest game.

A bunch of sites have also been updated with reports of stuff that went on at the 70th Comic Market, including ban-ban’s blog, where he reports a total of 1063 items bought at Comiket, which can be estimated to be worth at least over 500,000 yen. Here are links to some other blogs with reports, and keep in mind that many may not be work safe:

Lump of Sugar
Moeyo Akibajin Blog
Senaka Otaroad Blog
Jouji Resource Fusoku, with a report on the Cut A Dash!! booth
Hobby Channel Cosplay Special

This year’s Comiket was featured on TV shows Zoom in Super and Super report with subtitles too (Youtube links)


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