News: DS training from SNK – iiotokocheck

| brandon

iiotokos.jpgIn a continued effort to not go bankrupt, and appeal to the base interests, here’s SNK’s new project – the latest in DS training games. This one’s called iiotokocheck – or with a loose meaning-based translation, ‘hot guy check’. You can see in the lower screen all the things you can do to this dude. *pan pan* indeed.

Note: game may not actually be from SNK and might possibly be from 2ch, but I don’t know! If you think about it, it wouldn’t be so different from their maid simulator. It specifically references the witch check mode from Doki Doki Majo Saiban. Thanks to substance J for the image. Click to make it bigger, if you know what I mean. The image comes from the original comic which spawned the whole ‘uho! ii otoko’ internet meme, and this is the original line he says in that scene (so says iggy), which is something about, expelling…things…into…dirty things. I think you can guess.


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