Music: Chocobo Techno from Sharpnel

| brandon

I went to the famous doujin shop Messe Sanoh in tokyo last week, and as usual, only bought CDs. It’s not a widely-known fact, but they have a good selection of underground techno and doujin remix CDs (there was a mother II one, which I’m sure I would’ve loved if I had…ever played mother II). One of the albums I picked up was from Sharpnel Sounds (mixed by DJ Yousuke), and called Sharpnelsound J-Core Revolution. Really good stuff if you’re into J-core/gabba/dnb type stuff, which I am, among other genres. Anyway, it’s got lots of interesting mashups and samples, including a theme from the anime Noir, Powerpuff Girls samples, and lots of other stuff.

Down to the point though, listening through, I heard a familiar tune that took me by surprise – the chocobo theme remixed with some heavy thumps. Pretty good – there’ve been chocobo techno mixes before, I understand, so this isn’t revolutionary (album title pun!), but still pretty fun. The song’s called ‘fuck DJ’, and here it is. This isn’t the best song on there, but I probably shouldn’t just be throwing these things around. If you’re curious, just send me an email.


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