News: Superman Returns: The Videogame

| brandon

So X06 happened, that’s an Xbox 360 thingie in Barcelona (this year anyway), and the press release they sent reminded me that EA’s making a game called Superman Returns: The Videogame, though I think the official spelling is in ALLCAPS. Anyway, that made me think that something needed to be done, and you can see partial results of that below. There might be more coming to this thread in the forums soon…I can’t guarantee it though. We here at insert credit hope that, like in the NES version, Superman rides the subway to get around. He’s a regular guy, dammit!

Update! Using my insider contacts, I’ve learned that the next title in the series is already in the planning phases. I shouldn’t be talking about this in a public space, but why not – the working title is Superman Takes Out: The Garbage. But you didn’t hear this from me.

Update the second! Now there actually are some more images in that forum post, and they are of excellent quality. Find them here, here, here, and here if you’re lazy.superman1s.png superman1s.png


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