VIP news: VIPPERs release tsundere ADV game

| Zepy

shameon.jpg About a year ago, somebody posted on the VIP boards in the japanese bbs 2ch saying they should make a game about a cafe filled with tsundere waitresses. Now, a year later, Shame on is released and available free for download. The game is actually quite well done, considering the fact that it was born from a post in a bbs. It even comes with its own opening song (which is also downloadable on its own).

What is a VIPPER you ask? This is VIP.
brandon’s notes: and also this, but much less exciting. I like how the interviewer lady is all ‘WOW the internet is full of dangerous people, right?’ Yes. Also, the term ‘tsundere‘ comes from ‘tsuntsun’ – a cutesy word indicating that someone is aloof/combative, and ‘deredere’, or lovey-dovey. Putting the two together, you’ve got a character who is initially mean and abusive, but then incredibly caring (to the main character, but still mean to others), ala insert credit’s iggy, or any girl I’ve ever dated.


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