News: Street Fighter 20th anniversary

Since 2007 will mark the 20th anniversary of the release of Street Fighter 1, Capcom is announcing a live action movie, an animated series and… A GAME ! How eccentric of you, Capcom!

The movie (scheduled for 2008) will be made in conjunction with Hyde Park Entertainment, and will focus on Chun Li. No info on the anime and the game (which will probably be something stupid or offensive, like a port of SF EX1 to PSP, but who knows).

Brandon’s note: I know that companies have been submitting design documents to Capcom for their anniversary game, so a new game is possible…let’s cross our collective fingers. Then again, it could be a port of Street Fighter: The Movie to PSP. The PSP is what’s key, here.

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News: So You Want to Be a Games Journalist

2006_10_31_journo.jpgReaders of insert credit may be aware that Brandon Sheffield, our evil overlord and master, is himself but a cog in the CMP machine, working on Gamasutra and Game Developer. Well, recently CMP had the audacity to publish (on their Game Career Guide website) an article called “So You Want to Be a Games Journalist” written by one Aaron McKenna, that managed to rile up games journalists Kieron Gillen and Tim Edwards so much that they arranged for as many games journalists as they could think of to publish their own personal and unique article titled “So You Want to Be a Games Journalist” simultaneously.

There are currently 12 entries, and you can read my take at my workblog, but readers might particularly be interested in the Triforce’s extended metaphor, John Walker’s frontal attack on the original piece, and Kieron Gillen’s completely straight (and certainly useful) guide. But there’s also Tim Edwards, Tom Bramwell, Suki, Bill Harris, Jon Blyth, Richard Cobbett, Stuart Campbell and Jon Hicks.

You’ve never heard of any of them? Well, as my guide explains, that’s practically the point.

Brandon’s note: I had no idea about this until just now! I’m sure I must somehow be to blame for this anyway.

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News: Jingi Storm update

Speaking of Yuki, and their associated company Atrativa Japan, the Jingi Storm official site has actually got some more rubust content than it used to, with character bios and images, and a system description. The only semi-interesting thing about the game is its use of different illustrators for the different characters and their female counterparts. rid points out that fortunecross has images of all the girls from the arcade, if that’s of interest. Only mildly not safe for work. Rather an odd premise for a game, still.

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News: Second location test for Arcana Heart announced

arcana_06.png Yuki Enterprise’s new production got an official website the other day in preliminary form, but it has just received an update announcing the second location test, which will take part as soon as next weekend, this time in no less than four different cities across the country. That, along with the large coverage for the game in this month’s Arcadia Magazine, may well reveal that this is non-niche development from Yuki after all, and that they intend it to rival Guilty Gear and Melty Blood in the arcade scene. For now, we can confirm non-upscaled high-resolution graphics (looking very polished, in the Guilty Gear vein), which leads us to believe it’ll use NAOMI as the platform.

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News: Karous video

MileStone has released a video of the system for their new shooter, Karasu, or using their absolutely awful romanization, Karous. This seems to follow the trend of their last title Radirgy not only in the inability to romanize their own language, but also in the cell-shaded graphics, fluid motion, and Naomi GD-Rom arcade platform.

The video shows base and powered versions of: standard shot, sword attack, shield, which interestingly seems to be a projectile itself, should you so desire, and D.F.S., which seems to essentially be a localized ‘bomb’-like attack. Other information we can glean from this is that shot, sword and shield can be upgraded individually, and may have their own multipliers (that’s pure speculation, there, but the video makes me think). Also the game uses a whole lot of grey. Interesting so far.

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News: Konami PSP STG collections

zexex.jpgKonami’s shooting collections for PSP, including Salamander Portable, which we mentioned just recently, finally have a site. Screenshots and release info are available for Twinbee Portable, Salamander Portable, and Parodius Portable.

Twinbee includes: Twinbee, Detana!! Twinbee, Twinbee Yahhoo!, Pop’n Twinbee, and a ‘secret title’. Twinbee and Detana!! Twinbee will have tate modes, which is nice.

Salamander contains: Salamander, Life Force, Salamander 2, Xexex (note, this is what we meant by konami porting the game themselves), and a ‘secret title.’

Parodius has: Parodius Da!, Gokujou Parodius, Sexy Parodius, Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius: Forever with Me, and following the trend, a secret title. These are nice collections, but I’ll be damned if those graphics don’t look really stretched.

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News: Cave updates

Two newsbits from Cave – first, the Pink Sweets OST is planned for november 20th. That’s the cover to the left there, as you may imagine. Next, there’s a Mushihimesama 2 video up on youtube, introducing the first bosses, and some of the music. Looks similar to the original, but with some true transparency this time, and some better animation on the bosses. I suppose it’s the system changes that really count, eh?

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News: MSX games described in english

aleste2.jpgI saw this page some time ago, but didn’t recognize its value until recap pointed it out. is a site that allows you to purchase one-off MSX games for play on your PC. I’m not 100% sold on that (though they did handily translate some of the games and manuals), but they do have nice screens and descriptions of several interesting MSX titles, such as Aleste 2 (compile), Undeadline, and Golvellius, among others. Seems to lean toward Compile, T&E Soft and Anma titles.

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