News: Karous video

| brandon

MileStone has released a video of the system for their new shooter, Karasu, or using their absolutely awful romanization, Karous. This seems to follow the trend of their last title Radirgy not only in the inability to romanize their own language, but also in the cell-shaded graphics, fluid motion, and Naomi GD-Rom arcade platform.

The video shows base and powered versions of: standard shot, sword attack, shield, which interestingly seems to be a projectile itself, should you so desire, and D.F.S., which seems to essentially be a localized ‘bomb’-like attack. Other information we can glean from this is that shot, sword and shield can be upgraded individually, and may have their own multipliers (that’s pure speculation, there, but the video makes me think). Also the game uses a whole lot of grey. Interesting so far.


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