News: So You Want to Be a Games Journalist

| mathew

2006_10_31_journo.jpgReaders of insert credit may be aware that Brandon Sheffield, our evil overlord and master, is himself but a cog in the CMP machine, working on Gamasutra and Game Developer. Well, recently CMP had the audacity to publish (on their Game Career Guide website) an article called “So You Want to Be a Games Journalist” written by one Aaron McKenna, that managed to rile up games journalists Kieron Gillen and Tim Edwards so much that they arranged for as many games journalists as they could think of to publish their own personal and unique article titled “So You Want to Be a Games Journalist” simultaneously.

There are currently 12 entries, and you can read my take at my workblog, but readers might particularly be interested in the Triforce’s extended metaphor, John Walker’s frontal attack on the original piece, and Kieron Gillen’s completely straight (and certainly useful) guide. But there’s also Tim Edwards, Tom Bramwell, Suki, Bill Harris, Jon Blyth, Richard Cobbett, Stuart Campbell and Jon Hicks.

You’ve never heard of any of them? Well, as my guide explains, that’s practically the point.

Brandon’s note: I had no idea about this until just now! I’m sure I must somehow be to blame for this anyway.


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