News: Battle Fantasia updates

bfscreen.jpgTurns out Battle Fantasia isn’t 2D after all, but sparsely animated 3D on a 2D plane. There are twelve characters in total, five button system, but this is around where we start giving up hope. Check blurry videos on youtube here and here. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Hokuto no Ken is the final 2D work from Arc – if so, that’s just one less company in the 2D arcade field – and the most popular one, at that.

Update: Lots more info and links in this forum post by duckroll, including a windows os crash video and screen, and a proper screenshot and lots more gameplay vids. Bootup apparently takes one minute.

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News: Pixelboy – Meteor Busters

Pixelboy is a sort of virtual gameboy clone. It’s embedded into dot-invasion‘s website, a company that does 2D art and handheld music outsourcing. It was created on the side, but is quite nice. You load a cartridge, and at present there’s just the one – Meteor Busters – and it emulates the GB experience, with five tones, and squished sound. The game is really very nice though, a scrolling shooter with three levels of power, and five ships which actually do different things, instead of just having different shaped bullets or something. You’ve got one of each, representing your set of lives. Very good fun, quite nice music, go check it out. I can only hope they’ll make more of these! The Pixel Boy looks enough like a OneStation – maybe Jungletac should license the game. Also, check out some nice screens of the game in its native resolution, while you’re at it. Can’t go wrong with a STG that has a Crashman ship.

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News: New Capcom fighter (Kenichi)

Capcom’s releasing a new fighting game – and it’s 3D and based on an anime I’ve never heard of (Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi). It has a generis school setting, a main male character with a band-aid on his cheek, and a blonde girl with big boobs and tight clothing. Let’s all try to keep our expectations low, shall we? Still, it’s been a good week for fighting game news. Coming to PS2 in the near future, no firm date announced. Thanks to Cain Highwind on the MMC forums for the link.

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News: Next Oretachi Geesen Zoku games announced

This is from recap once again again – the next two Oretachi Geesen Zoku games have been announced, which you’ll recall are PS2 one-off ports of arcade classics, most of which haven’t hit consoles previously. The next two, revealed by famitsu (reprinted in rakuten here) are Trio the Punch from Data East (pictured) and Thunder Cross from Konami.

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News: Taito Memories 2 confirmed

The second Taito Memories collection we mentioned is confirmed now, with the first volume coming in january, second in march, both to PS2. 5040 is the price, and here’s the full game list, thanks to recap. Estopolis Denki is not confirmed, unfortunately – could be in the joukan version?

Space Chaser
Grand Champion
Time Tunnel
The Undoukai
Ben Bero Beh
Return of the Invaders
Ougon no Shiro
Kick and Run
Scramble Formation
Super Qix
Rainbow Islands
Operation Thunderbolt
Continental Circus
Asuka & Asuka
Chuuka Taisen
Darius 2
Champion Wrestler
Fighting Hawk
Space Gun
Ninja Kids
Dino Rex
Ray Force
Bubble Memories

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News: Lik-Sang killed by Sony

Sad but true, Lik-Sang has been forced to close due to multiple lawsuits brought on by Sony, over the company’s sale of PSPs in the UK/europe. In spite of pay rates being incredibly similar in the UK and u.s., the PSP retails for 150 pounds, about 281, $81 more than in the U.S. Rather than find a way to lower costs, Sony saw fit to penalize those who wanted a fair price on hardware. Ultimately, Lik-Sang has been forced into submission, after a number of lawsuits were weighed against it over the years. Pascal was a nice fellow, and we want to express our consolences not only for Lik-Sang, but the customers who relied on them for their games. PSP hardware was naturally a very small portion of their business.

Note: Sony maintains that they’re not to blame, saying no fees were levied upon Lik-Sang thus far. Expect this to get more complicated before it’s finished… Thanks to kotaku for pointing it out.

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News: atsushi inaba interview

I (actually we – there was a super secret special insert credit guest as well) did an interview with atsushi inaba a while back, which I referenced in my ‘clover studio dissolution’ clarification post. It’s up now, and has some interesting elements, such as the origins of Resident Evil 3 (used to be RE 1.5), the original RE4 becoming Devil May Cry, inaba’s ties to Nazca and SNK, and other nerdy things.

As an aside, people have pointed me to some official press statements in which the name Clover is named as ‘also being an abstraction of creativity lover,’ which I suppose is possible, but he never mentioned it in the interview. It’s also entirely possible that this was thought of and added later by Capcom PR, so it’s tough to say without asking him directly, which is now quite difficult.

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News: New 2D fighting game from Yuki Enterprise (Arcana Heart)

arcanaheart_01.png Yet another sunday surprise – a location test for a brand-new arcade game has been conducted this weekend at Felicidad shop in Fujimi. It’s called ‘Arcana Heart,’ a female vs. fighting game with sprite-based graphics(!). Yuki Enterprise (of Samurai Spirits Zero fame) is on the labels the operation cards and poster which you can see here, here, and here thanks to AM Dot Net. With 10 revealed lolita-esque characters and no sign of big companies behind the production, this may not get wider distribution, much like the recent Jingi Storm, but we’ll wait and see – hopefully it will find its niche in the arcades as Melty Blood did. Once again, you heard it here first!

Brandon’s note: You can check out some screens and impressions in japanese right here. Thanks to Iggy for that.

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Rumor: Taito Memories II

taitologo_01.pngIt’s being discussed on some Japanese blogs – some game shops have unveiled another Taito production before its official announcement. If they’re to be believed, the game in question is the sequel to the two Taito Memories games, which would also consist of two separate volumes, the first of them being released in January. Even more surprisingly, the compilation would only include home titles, such as the Estpolis Denki [‘Lufia’] RPG series. Stay tuned.

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