News: Sonic to Himitsu no Ring (Wii)

| ollie

sonic_rings_wii.jpgThere’s a slim chance that our collective childhood memories won’t be cruelly dashed against the sharp pointy rocks of modernity. SEGA have announced the release of a new Sonic game for the Wii. The screenshots, thus far, lack hideous humans and the in-game movie looks promising (the latter is tucked away on the official site).

No price or Japanese release date has been set but the game is expected some time early next year.

Brandon’s note: When we met Yojiro Ogawa (the games’s producer) at TGS, he liked our (tim’s and my) idea that any 3D sonic should be more like Sonic R than Sonic Adventure – he agreed. This is promising – so is the fact that he was in charge of the boss battles for Panzer Dragoon Saga, as he was previously in Team Andromeda’s inner circle. This is all from an interview that is unfortunately lost, but it’s true nonetheless.


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