Link: The Pickford Bros. “Zub Archive”

| mathew

2006_11_30_zub.jpgI don’t think we’ve ever really talked about the Pickford Brothers on Insert Credit, have we? Well, they’re an astonishingly prolific pair of British siblings who’ve been in the industry since the days of 8-bit computers, and most recently have created Naked War, a rather lovely play-by-email game which is a lot more exciting than “play-by-email” makes it sound (though perhaps not as exciting as “naked” makes it sound) and that you should all check out if you have the time.

But what has piqued our interest most recently is that on their personal website, Zee-3, they’re just uploaded a rather in-depth article about the creation of the first title they worked on as a team, the ZX Spectrum title Zub, which is very informative for anyone interested in what went into making a game on home computers in the 80’s. They’ve also got an article on the creation of Plok, for people who remember the 1993 SNES title with fondness.

EJRW comment: Did you know the Pickford Brothers are actually behind some of Rare’s more interesting NES games, like Solar Jetman and Ironsword? Well, neither did I before I did some research a while ago. Now we all know!


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