Link: Armored Core 4 FAQ

ac4_faq.jpgWhat with the release of Armored Core 4 a scant few weeks away, From Software have kindly gone out of their to answer people’s questions regarding the game. As of yesterday, a FAQ page was added to the official Japanese site.

It covers almost all the areas of interest people have had, namely what happened to the FCS lockbox (it’s now the entire screen), where are the floating leg types (they’re gone because all leg types in the game now have the ability to float) and is heat damage still modelled (it’s gone too). They also went out of their way to explain that there won’t be online compatability between the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game (ah, bless).

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Link: Super Robot Wars XO promo videos

srwxo_eiji.jpgWhat with Super Robot Wars XO a mere week away from its Japanese release, someone has been nice enough to upload the promotional video used in Japanese stores (it’s in two parts, here and here).

Despite the reassuring robot posturing, the new Xbox Live functionality is given a fair bit of air time. With any luck they’ll have sorted out any of the obvious balancing issues for a mode such as this. It’s also still clear to see that the game is just a slightly sexed up (by “sexed up” we mean “shiny”) version of the Gamecube iteration.

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News: Grim Grimoire

grim_10.pngPrincess Crown was an Atlus/Sega co-production for the Sega Saturn which became famous for its high-end 2D animation and sprite detail. What you may not know is that the man behind it is Jouji Kamitani, which later formed up Vanillaware, a company devoted to 2D graphics-based games which, to our knowledge, hasn’t developed a single game in its whole history. But the wait is over, since Famitsu Magazine has just revealed a brand-new production from Nippon Ichi Software directed by Mr. Kamitani and developed by Vanillaware.

Grim Grimoire will take the form of a “mahoutsukai [magician] simulation game” for the PS2 where the player will have to assign different actions to the characters in real time using an icon menu. The combat system is indeed described as something “unique” by Famitsu itself, and will be presented in a side view not unlike Princess Crown’s, only with much more detailed 2D graphics and animation, they say. Best of all, this is not the only Vanillaware game currently in development for the PS2. 2007 will be the best year for Princess Crown fans after all this time of silence. Stay tuned.

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News: Fate/Zero announced

fate.jpgType-moon has announced Fate/Zero, a collaboration novel(this is where novel means a real book, not a PC game) with Nitro+. It serves as a prequel to the popular bishoujo game Fate/stay night, describing the events that happened 10 years before. The art will be done by Type-moon while the actual storyline will be written by Urobuchi Gen from Nitro+, who’s best known for writing the scenario for Saya no uta, which many fans believe to have one of the best written scenarios in the Nitro+ lineup. The novel will be released at Comic Market 71 at the Type-moon booth.

Fate/Zero was actually already hinted at in Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, where it was featured as one of the movie posters with the words “Coming Soon”.

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News: Newsnight covers Wii and PS3 launch

newsnight_bbc.jpgFor those that don’t live in the UK, we have a current affairs TV program by the name of Newsnight. Towards the end of some shows they have Newsnight Review, which normally consists of various culture pundits desperately trying to sound clever. Over the weekend they cast their gaze towards the release of the Wii and the PlayStation 3.

As you’d expect, the hosts are mostly dismissive but remain begrudgingly positive about gaming (to the point they actually admit having fun, quite a large step for the stuffy British media). It is amusing to see egotistical critics out of their depth though, especially on national televison.

Someone was kind enough to upload the terrifying spectacle to YouTube and I thought it worth sharing. Enjoy!

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Link: Defining the Next Generation

Back in September, while on the plane back from the Tokyo Game Show, I began stirring around a longish article for my sponsor on that trip. It took rather longer than I expected to finish, then took a while longer to go up on the site. Then when it did, it was altered to fit what my editor felt the site needed at that moment. Fair enough; I just asked permission to reprint it elsewhere, in its original form. And here it is! I think it’s got some interesting stuff in it, amongst the things you’ve heard before! Maybe not. At any rate, I thought some people out there might enjoy the opportunity to read it as intended.

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News: Loveny no Ehon – Cave’s first action RPG

cavekeetai_01.pngSo we must accept it – if there’s a really promising title announced these days it has to be for mobile phones. It’s not actually different to getting it for a handheld, after all, and much cheaper. You’ll need a Foma 903 i for this one, though, which may well be worth it, since you don’t see a multiplayer, Valkyrie-no-Bouken-inspired game made by Cave every day. Check the official site out, it’s coming next month.

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News: Sonic as we know him is dead

James from the forums linked me to this video, which shows a scene from Sonic the Hedgehog for 360, what with all the creepy realistic people in it, and some GIANT hedgehogs. Anyone who’s been following the game could guess that the following scene would take place, but it’s still horribly disappointing. It’s basically the end of childhood. You’re all adults now, and your parents don’t love you, and neither does jesus or sega.

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