Advice: Avoid Toys n’Joys game shop

| Recap

We normally wouldn’t have made a post like this one, but we believe our readers deserve to be informed also about this kind of stuff, especially these days. Toys n’Joys is a Hawaii-based game shop which sells US games but also imports from Japan. It has become known by those who buy through the internet for its unlawful methods. Basically, they send you used items or bargain editions where you paid for brand-new and original ones. It doesn’t matter what you saw or read on their website nor where you clicked to do the order. It even won’t be relevant at all if you mailed them previously with the pertinent instructions. They’ll send whatever they think that can “do the job”. Of course, there’s no use for mailing them later asking for an explanation. They lie at their “return policies” too, since you’ll never get the money corresponding to the shipping costs for sending the items back, either. Now you know, in case you didn’t yet.


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